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Did you know that most toddlers are ready to drop naps at 2 1/2 years old?! Most people are surprised to know that. A lot of toddlers begin to have troubles falling asleep at bedtime around this age and it is normal for parents to think this is due to some other "mysterious behaviour issue". A toddler not looking tired and ready for bed during regular bedtime routine or playing and talking for a long period of time while in bed is in fact the key indication that he/she may be ready to drop most daytime naps.

Parents you may be thinking "noooooooo, that is my break time. I can't give that up!" Don't panic! A wonderful transition that can be in place until school age is the miracle of "Quiet Room Time". Even though your toddler may not need to sleep, he/she does still need time during the day to physically relax. There are many, many benefits to toddlers having some time alone to create, think and "un-stimulate". If their room doesn't have toys, a few quiet activities like books and blocks can be put in their room. Let them know that you are setting a timer for one hour and then you will come and get them. If you think this amount of time will be a challenge at the beginning, start with a short period of time and gradually increase daily until you reach one hour. Whatever the time, make sure to go and get them as soon as the timer beeps and give a lot of praise! 

Most toddlers will respond well to this change because they don't want to nap. Make it clear that this is an alternative to napping so they know that quiet room time does have to happen. 

Enjoy your well-deserved break :)

About Me

Who I Am

I'm a mother of two that knows and understands how hard sleep deprivation can be. I have always been interested in the sleep habits of babies and children. I think it all started when the show "Supernanny" came out with the amazing Jo Frost. I was in my early 20's and not close to having my own children yet, but the show fascinated me. I have since had my own children and unfortunately fell into a bad routine with my first child. I know how challenging it is to be sleep deprived and feel helpless about it. Now, another child and so many years later, I was so excited about the opportunity to take the Sleep Baby Sleep course and become certified myself! Now I feel ready to help others! I hope that I can help as many parents as possible to not feel helpless and worried about their child's sleep. I am ready to help you and your little one have a good night's sleep!

The Plan

I will start by assessing your current sleep routines and get to know your little one and you. Once the assessment is complete, I will create a customized sleep plan for your family. This plan will be very specific to you and your little one and reflect your parenting style. It will include specific sleep training techniques and methods. I will be in regular contact to follow up on progress and provide encouragement. My services are not limited to local clients. I can help any family in any part of the world!

Did you know...

Sleep is a skill? Just as learning to walk and talk - teaching your baby/child to learn to sleep well is a skill to learn. This skill is very important for their development and well-being. Research and findings show that many major restorative functions occur mostly during sleep and in some cases solely during sleep. These include; muscle growth, tissue repair and growth hormone release. We also know that immune systems strengthen and bones grow and develop most during sleep. Sleep is important for you too! It contributes to your health and mental well-being and affects the relationships with the people closest to you.

Many parents feel they have no control over their babies sleep, however, parents DO guide sleep habits. We can set our babies down the path to be a good sleeper. We can lay the foundation at an early age. You can empower your child by teaching them this critical skill and I can help!

The First Step

Decide that you need to improve the sleep habits in your household. Answer this question - is my baby or toddler sleeping well? Am I confident that they are receiving all the benefits of a good night's sleep? If the answer is no, visit my Packages page and decided which option is best for your family. From there, you will see my Payments page and lastly, the Intake Form and Disclaimer page. The Intake Form is crucial for the development of the customized sleep plan. I will use it to assess the current sleep habits and your routines and get to know your little one. From there I will create a plan that will put you and your family on track to having a great night's sleep!

Contact Me

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